Course Overview
The aim of the LQI training is to provide you with the tools/knowledge and skills to support your team in implementing improvements using the Trust’s approach to Lean. This level of training will provide you with the tools and skills to be able to make improvements within your own area and to support your team to be able to continuously improve processes.
Target Staff Group
It is open to any Leader/Manager who is passionate about making change happen.
Course Prerequisites
Throughout this training you will:
  • Be introduced to Lean using the Virginia Mason Production System (VMPS) model
  • Explore the context and influences upon the changing health and social care environment and the importance of efficiency and quality improvements
  • Analyse and evaluate lean production and improvement methods
  • Undertake a project within your own area with the support of a Certified Leader in VMPS using lean methods to improve an area of their service, implement the service improvement project, and evaluate and report on the success of the project, ensuring continued sustainability.
Delivery Method
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Refresher Period
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3 days over 3 months, with a report out of the LQI project on day 3. This course runs 2-3 times per year, with a cohort of between 6-10 students.
Day 1
  • Lean Production Overview
  • Information Flow Mapping
  • Visual Control
  • World Class Management
  • 5S
  • Mistake Proofing
Day 2
  • Set Up Reduction
  • Continuous Flow
  • Standard Operations
  • Introduction to Projects
Day 3
  • Preparation for the Report Out of your Project
How to Book
In the first instance discuss with your Line Manager. After the discussion, email the Quality Improvement Team (QIT) Administrator The team will then contact you with a schedule of the dates and time that this course is available.

You will require the support of a Sponsor from your Directorate, usually a Director, Head of Operations or Clinical Director. You will also be assigned a mentor for the duration of the training and project completion, a Certified Leader from the Trust.