Course Overview
The aim of first steps training is to provide you with awareness and understanding of the Trust's approach to Lean and the modules that will help facilitate process improvement. This is a foundation level of training and provides you with an overview of the essentials for continuous process improvement.
Target Staff Group
It is open to all bands/grades in both clinical and non-clinical teams.
Course Prerequisites
Throughout this training you will:
  • Be introduced to Lean using the Virginia Mason Production System (VMPS) model
  • Understand the basic concepts of Lean
  • Understand the framework of our Lean/Quality Improvement model
  • Understand how to make process improvement in a controlled manner
  • Try out the various modules and tools in context of your working environment with the support of a Certified Leader in VMPS.
Delivery Method
Refresher Period
1.5 days (1 day training plus 0.5 day reporting back on observations and suggestions/recommendations for improvement ideas).
How to Book
In the first instance, discuss with your Line Manager. After the discussion, email the Quality Improvement Team (QIT) Administrator The Team will then contact you with a schedule of the dates and time that this course is available.

We welcome applications from teams as well as individuals, and we can deliver the training across all our Trust locations.