Course Overview
Feedback at work happens all the time, whether through a formal feedback session, a training course, or a chat over a cup of coffee. Feedback is not a 'one-way street', it is very much a two way process – one person giving feedback and one person receiving it - where the focus should be on a positive end-result. As a manager, giving and receiving feedback is an investment in ensuring that everyone is performing to their strengths. This module allows you to identify the key skills of giving and receiving feedback
Target Staff Group
First line managers / experienced managers
Course Prerequisites
  • Identify the key skills of giving and receiving feedback
  • Understand the key communication skills required to use feedback
  • Identify how Emotional Intelligence plays a crucial role in the feedback process
  • Understand how feedback impacts on individual and team dynamics
Delivery Method
E-learning via ESR
Refresher Period
Self paced e-learning
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