Course Overview
Everybody is different. We each have different backgrounds, upbringings, values and styles. We cannot control how others will behave but we can control how we behave and how we approach certain situations. Dealing with difficult people is something we will all have to do at some time and no workplace is without them. This module will use a number of scenarios to introduce how you can deal more effectively with difficult people.
Target Staff Group
Aspiring managers, first line managers and those in management positions wishing to brush up on their skills
Course Prerequisites
  • Recognise the common behaviours of a 'Difficult' person
  • Understand the reasons why dealing with difficult people should not be avoided
  • Understand the LEAD model and how this can be a useful tool when dealing with difficult people
  • Understand how dealing with difficult people professionally and appropriately can have a positive outcome for all concerned
Delivery Method
E-learning via ESR
Refresher Period
Self paced e-learning
How to Book
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