Course Overview
This module provides health practitioners with the opportunity to demonstrate the development and enhancement of their knowledge and skills through a range of activities, clinical scenarios, MCQ and practice in examination techniques in the skills laboratory. It includes presentation of a case to the clinical preceptor, MCQ examination, and clinical case study. A log of clinical hours and experience will be recorded by the student.
Target Staff Group
Registered practitioners
Course Prerequisites
Students will require a preceptor to support them through this module. This should be a GP or hospital consultant/registrar/staff grade or ANP (who has been assessed as competent in physical examination). Students will also need the support of their line manager and a minimum of three years in current working practice.
Structure of the module over two terms allows for clinical skill development that is critically informed by theoretical knowledge. It is expected that you will be able to apply your knowledge and skills from assessing clients/ patients to a variety of assessment skills/ techniques covered in this module and that you will be able to apply and extend your knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology. You must therefore review your knowledge and ensure that you read around the appropriate physiology and pathophysiology applicable to your own clinical knowledge. This process can be evidenced as learning contracts or action plans in the folder of evidence.
In conjunction with a Clinical Preceptor, you will be able to apply knowledge and skills in a focused physical examination of clients. You will develop your decision making skills and be able to interpret findings from your examination process together with being able to record your findings in a clear and concise manner.
Delivery Method
Face-to-face classroom & clinical practice
Refresher Period
Not applicable
2 terms over the academic year
How to Book
Directly to Staffordshire University