Course Overview
ECG training covers basic anatomy of the chest and placement of the leads, operation of the ECG machine and how to access the external ECG interpretation service.
Target Staff Group
Registered nurses and appropriate healthcare support staff. Can be accessed by any member of staff wishing/needing to take ECG’s as part of their job role. service.
Course Prerequisites
Not applicable
To understand and be capable to operate the ECG machine.
Delivery Method
Classroom & clinical practice. Bespoke training for teams/wards can be arranged directly with trainer – Di Hughes
Refresher Period
Not applicable
2 hours
How to Book

Booked via ESR E-learning User


8 things you will gain from attending:-
Identify the roles and responsibilities in relation to venepuncture
Review the anatomy & veins of the arm
Explore practical aspects of venepuncture
Assess and select suitable sites for venepuncture and sites to be avoided
Define the steps required to prepare the patient for venepuncture including equipment required
Practice will be by using a simulation arm with synthetic blood.
Critically analyze the potential complications associated with venepuncture and discuss appropriate actions to prevent and/or treat these complications.
Discuss health and safety issues and the prevention and control of infection with regard to venepuncture