Course Overview
This module broadly focuses on developing and enhancing your ability to recognise and assess people’s physical health. The understanding of complex needs will be explored and health promotion strategies to meet these complexities will be considered. You will review the evidence base of these issues and consider all aspects in relation to service users. The relevance, strengths, weaknesses and ethical issues raised by a range of topics will be used to develop and enhance your understanding and critical analysis.
Target Staff Group
Registered practitioners
Course Prerequisites
There are no specific entry requirements, but if you are undertaking level 5 or 6 work it will be presumed that you have undertaken academic work at the level below.
The module is designed to develop pre-existing knowledge and skills related to the recognition and assessment of people’s physical health needs, within a variety of settings and within differing mental health conditions. It is intended that the module will focus on moving this knowledge and these skills to the point where you will be able to incorporate physical health assessment as part of your everyday role and/or experience.
Delivery Method
Classroom & clinical practice
Refresher Period
Not applicable
This is a 15 credit module that can be studied at level 4, 5 and 6. It will run over a 4 week period delivered on a Wednesday from 09:00- 16:00
How to Book
Directly to Staffordshire University