Course Overview
The VtD MOCA is an occupational therapy practice model of contemporary relevance to OTs and other health care professionals and assistants. It is an ability focused and recovery model that enables therapists to facilitate the recovery of motivation and functional ability (occupational performance).
Target Staff Group
Target Staff Group
Occupational Therapists, OT support workers
Course Prerequisites
Not applicable
The Learning Outcomes are: Participants will
• have a basic understanding of the VtD MOCA
• have adequate information in order to commence assessment of creative ability
• be familiar with the concept of phases of performance within levels of creative ability
• be able to explain how to select activities for therapeutic intervention and how they may be graded
• understand the importance of structuring and presenting activity in order to meet therapy aims
• be able to demonstrate/reason through application of the treatment principles in a role play treatment session and self-evaluate clinical reasoning.
Delivery Method
Face-to-face classroom based training
Refresher Period
Not applicable
Consecutive 3 day course
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