Course Overview
Description The module focuses upon developing the role and responsibilities of the health care practitioner in supporting and mentoring students and other learners undergoing learning and development in a practice setting, exploring throughout the varied aspects of the mentorship role and relating to underlying theory.
Target Staff Group
This module is for any healthcare professional who wishes to undertake a formal mentor preparation course. The module fulfils the NMC (2008) requirements for mentor preparation.
Course Prerequisites
12 months experience within a practice setting since registration
The module aims are to enable health professionals to act as a positive role model, facilitate learning and assess clinical competence, and to be able to fulfil the supportive role of mentor.
Delivery Method
Classroom (6 half days) directed study (6 weeks)
Refresher Period
Annually by face-to-face updates
2 terms over the academic year
How to Book
Booked via ESR E-learning User