Course Overview
To ensure employees understand the principles and theory of good back care and are able to handle the necessary movement of inanimate loads as safely as practicably possible
Target Staff Group
All DNLD Community Nurses and Healthcare Support Workers, All Older Adults Community Nurses and HCSWs, All Community AHPs and AHP Assistants working in Older Adult or Learning Disability Services.
Course Prerequisites
Not applicable
  • Injuries and their avoidance
  • Legislation
  • Risk assessment
  • Team handling
  • Communication
  • Principles of safer handling
  • Back care
  • Practical applications of moving larger loads
  • Ergonomics and posture
  • Practical pushing, pulling, lifting and lowering
  • Practical applications of moving patients from sitting to standing (from chair or bed), moving forward and back in the chair, walking, assisting falling/fallen patients
Delivery Method
Refresher Period
Every 2 years
Half a day
How to Book
Initially - This is automatically allocated to those staff who require it
Refresher - ESR via E-learning, searching for Safe Handling.  However, you're required to book yourself onto a High Risk Update as this will give you the competence.