Course Overview
360 degree feedback is a powerful tool to help individuals identify where their leadership strengths and development needs lie. The process includes getting confidential feedback from line managers, peers and direct reports. As a result, it gives an individual an insight into other people’s perceptions of their leadership abilities and behavior.
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Target Staff Group
Anyone who would like to receive 360 feedback on their leadership capabilities, strengths and areas for development
Course Prerequisites
Not applicable
To complete a questionnaire based on the Healthcare Leadership Model that evaluates your self-perception of your leadership behaviour in the workplace.
To receive feedback from other people (Peers, Direct reports, Line manager, and others) to provide observation and comment on your leadership performance and behaviour.
To discuss your 360 report results with an accredited facilitator as part of a dedicated feedback session to give you an indication of your current leadership performance and behaviour as seen by yourself in comparison with your raters.
To gain a real insight into your areas of strengths and limitations and begin to construct a development plan from which to enhance your effectiveness as a leader.
Delivery Method
On-line process. To set up your 360 degree feedback report, you will need to have your Purchase Order reference number available via the L&D team, after submitting your application and having been allocated a 360 feedback facilitator. Set up instructions will be sent to you. More information from:
Refresher Period
Not applicable
Usually around 4 – 6 weeks
How to Book
Book via application form below and send this to the Learning and Development Team
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