Course Overview
"The Aston Team Leader Programme aims to enable team leaders to lead their team through a journey of development towards improved team based working.  Participants will be supported to work with their team colleagues back in their team to:
Identify team boundaries and key inter-team dependencies
Clarify team vision and objectives
Identify performance criteria and monitoring processes
Develop effective team and inter-team structures
Increase levels of participation and effective communication
Maintain and develop a focus on quality and innovation
Improve inter-team working relationships
More details and dates can be found in the programme below:
Aston Team Facilitation Programme
Target Staff Group
The programme is aimed at staff in team leader posts at bands 6, 7 and 8 including those leading multi-disciplinary teams as well as team leaders with direct line management responsibilities.  Participants should have responsibility for at least 3 or more members of staff       
Course Prerequisites
Must be up to date with all required mandatory training. An application form must be submitted to the Head of Learning & Leadership Development. Applications should be supported by your line manager.       
Gain knowledge and information about effective team structures, processes and behaviours       
Become familiar with a range of tools and techniques which they can use in their teams to bring about required improvements        
Develop plans to improve aspects of team working in their own teams       
Review the outcomes of actions during the periods between workshops       
Delivery Method
Face-to-face classroom based training
Refresher Period
Not applicable
5 sessions over 4 months
How to Book
Book via application form below and send this to the Learning and Development Team
Aston Team Application Form