Course Overview
“Resilience is natural, you either have it or you don’t” - not true! Resilience is a skill, and with the right tools and practice it is something that can be built and developed to make you feel stronger and in control. Utilising this skill at the right times can help you enjoy more success and productivity.
Target Staff Group
This course is open to all, including people using mental health services, friends and family, and staff
Course Prerequisites
Not applicable
This course has been developed to give a brief outline of what positive resilience actually looks like and key skills in making you more resilient on a daily basis.
Delivery Method
Face-to-face workshop
Refresher Period
Not applicable
1 session - 4 hours
How to Book
Our courses are currently open to all people who are over 18 and residing within South Staffordshire and Shropshire.
In order to enrol, simply call: 01785 257888 ex: 8607 or 07891 099460, or email and ask for a registration form.
Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. The next step will be to arrange a one-to-one interview to discuss what you would like to gain from the college and your learning requirements, and together complete an Individual Learning Plan.
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