Course Overview
Mentoring is a partnership between two people, built on trust, where an individual has space and a safe environment to discuss and reflect upon work related or personal development issues, to explore solutions to challenges identified by the ‘mentee’, and to gain advice, wisdom and insights from a more experienced practitioner.
The mentoring process, in the main, links senior managers/clinicians with individuals in more junior roles in a learning partnership from which both parties will gain, and should contribute to the support and development of individuals at all levels in order to achieve personal effectiveness.
Target Staff Group
Anyone in the organisation
Course Prerequisites
Not applicable
An effective mentoring relationship will provide:
• A source of guidance and different perspective
• A sounding board for ideas
• A source of stretch and challenge
• Access to information about the wider organisation and/or external environment
• Opportunities for self-learning
• An increase in confidence leading to empowerment
• Access to networks
Delivery Method
Face-to-face meetings or via telephone
Refresher Period
Not applicable
A mentoring relationship will typically last for between 6 and 18 months but this can be mutually between the individual and their mentor
How to Book
Register to become a mentor or to find a mentor via the Trust’s mentoring database at where there is also access to further information.