Course Overview
The modules have been divided into topics and sessions, pitched at differing levels to suit the educational needs of a variety of healthcare professionals working with adolescents. The materials have been written by subject specialists and experts in their particular field and have been subjected to extensive peer review.
Target Staff Group
Adolescent Healthcare Curriculum Levels
The classification of individual sessions (Levels) and Target Audiences have been roughly categorised as follows to assist first time users:Level Target Audience A
Allied health professional
Foundation Doctor
Equivalents Introductory knowledge (i.e. competences using "know about") All introductory sessions for each module should be at level A. We envisage that these sessions are generic for all health professionals. B
Post-foundation Doctor e.g. ST 1-3 paediatrician or GP, or equivalents
Experienced nurse or allied health professional
Equivalents Acquisition of deeper knowledge (i.e. "understand")Attitudes, beliefs This level contains more in depth knowledge, in which the target audience is required to understand the specific issues to a much greater degree than in Level A.This level also involves learning Attitudes, which are related to a deeper understanding. C
Doctor ST 4-5, or equivalents
Nurse specialist
Clinical specialist therapist (Allied health professionals) Applied knowledge and understanding - Skills (i.e. "be able to") These sessions build on level B and enable the learner to develop necessary skills. For example, show the use of (begin to develop) analytical clinical reasoning skills in a given topic or context. D
Doctor ST 6 plus, or equivalents (sub-speciality interest)
CCT holders, Trust Grades
Nurse practitioner & Nurse Consultant Specialist skills ("be able to") Sessions at this level apply to specific medical skills of diagnosis and management and build on sessions from level C
Course Prerequisites
Learning objectives are detailed with the individual sessions
Delivery Method
E-learning via ESR
Refresher Period
The sessions are around 20 minutes in lenght, to fit in with busy work-study lives.
How to Book
Enrol via ESR