Course Overview
Working together to identify, assess and meet the needs of children where there are Safeguarding concerns
Target Staff Group
For all staff who work predominantly with children, young people and their parents/carers who require more specific training. These include all clinical staff who work predominantly with children and young people (including perinatal services); all registered (i.e. qualified) staff working in Early Intervention Teams, Crisis Teams, CMHTs, Eating Disorders; and all clinical staff in Inclusion Services
Course Prerequisites
Not applicable
The impact of parenting issues, such as domestic abuse and substance misuse on parenting capacity
Recognising the importance of family history and functioning
Working with children and family members including addressing lack of co-operation and superficial compliance within the context of the role
Serious case reviews.
Safeguarding Children Essential must be completed before attending the Advanced training
Delivery Method
Refresher Period
3 yearly refresher required – it is recommended that staff working in Children’s Services, Crisis and Early Intervention Teams receive an annual update
3.5 hours
How to Book
ESR or Training may be accessed via the Safeguarding Boards Multi-agency training. Certificates should be submitted to the Learning & Development Team in order for your record to be updated