Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust is dedicated to ensuring that our service users have the best possible experience from us. We aim to achieve this through the personal development of our staff to the highest standards.

The appraisal policy is called the Performance Development Conversation (PDC). Click on the below links to download the documents:

Training Plans

Each division agrees its training priorities and produces a training plan to support the development of its staff in alignment with the Trust's learning & development strategy.

The Performance Development Conversation process provides the opportunity for every member of staff to meet with their manager at least once a year to formally review their work performance, discuss and agree objectives and to agree development needs. It is dedicated time for you to meet with your manager to discuss how you are getting on and where you are going, agree clear objectives and know how these relate to your service and the wider Trust. You need to prepare for the meeting - think about your role and what you have found rewarding, your progress in achieving your objectives, things that may have caused you difficulty, what you would like to achieve in the following year and about your career and the knowledge and skills you need.

You can view short videos explaining the PDC from Theresa Shaw, Head of Organisational Development. These are available by clicking here.

If you are a manger or reviewer there are PDC training dates available to book through ESR.

For medical staff, re-validation is included as part of your appraisal review process and the Medical Appraisal Policy outlines responsibilities and requirements.

This is not the only time your work, performance and development can or should be discussed. As a minimum, there should also be a six monthly review and your manager may agree to meet with you on other occasions during the year to review your progress and objectives as necessary. This will normally be in the form of monthly supervision or 1-to-1 meetings.