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Agenda for Change

All newly developed posts and submissions for re-banding must go through the Agenda for Change job matching and evaluation process. You will first need to a) complete the Job Matching and Evaluation Form for Panel and b) use the standard template Job Description and Person Specification (with guidance), both of which are attached below. Please make sure all relevant signatures are obtained and rebanding cases are submitted correctly if the job is in need of rebanding. You are then required to submit these documents to the Agenda for Change Generic Mailbox or to Lauren Bond, HR Team Secretary – both are accessible via the global email address. Please note that Agenda for Change job matching can be a lengthy process, so please make sure to submit posts as early as possible. Posts requiring matching must be submitted to the HR Admin Team by 5.00 p.m. on the Wednesday prior to the next Matching Panel (it cannot be guaranteed that the Post will be submitted to the next Panel, advice may be sought from HR Admin Team). All panel and submission dates are attached below.

Information about Agenda for Change can be found by using the search and searching for "Agenda for Change Policy"

Annual Leave

All annual leave arrangements are part of the e-rostering process.

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