The Workforce and Development Directorate's purpose is:

  • We support the development of the organisation and its workforce
  • We promote dignity and respect for all, in line with Trust values, in a rapidly changing environment
  • We provide safe, effective, responsive, high quality and inclusive services and solutions


Our values are:

  • We treat everybody with dignity and respect
  • We value everyone's contribution, engaging with and responding to all people in a positive way
  • We work in a supportive culture and we learn from our mistakes
  • We can challenge in a constructive way, holding each other to account in a safe and open environment
  • We're committed to shared goals and working collaboratively, delivering what we promise
  • We promote positivity, both within and external to our Directorate
  • We celebrate our achievements and successes, and promote the Directorate to our external partners
  • We embrace innovation and creativity